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This is a very rare document, as it dates 1935, a year for which no Totenkopf rings have been discovered yet. Rings are dated 1934 and 1936, but none have turned up dated 1935.

Document is made out to SS Untersturmfuhrer Kluge, dated 14 May 1935, and is hand-signed by Himmler. The paper is properly watermarked "KOH-1-NOOR." Document is in superb condition, with one tiny bit of damage to the bottom right corner. I have done no research on this officer. This document will appear in my upcoming book on TK rings as a rare example of a 1935 dated document (I have only seen one other one in the past five years). Will look phenomenal in a frame of your choosing, along side a photo of Himmler.

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Document, Totenkopf Ring Conferral#1736

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