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This is a beautiful example of the Bavarian spiked helmet, which would have been worn by an Army officer from around the turn of the century through the WWI period. The helmet is in strong and unplayed with condition, and the quality is first class. The body of the helmet has hairline surface cracking overall to the outer black finish, and is dry but not misshapen. It would greatly benefit from a leather moisturizer! The frontplate is the deluxe Bavarian officer type in frosted fire silver with polished highlights, and great details. The base plate is the bordered cruciform shape with its orignal stars and polished silver finish. The pearlring is intact and the spike is the textbook fluted Bavarian type. The roundels are nice quality officer models and the silver chinscales are convex, likely indicating this was worn by an officer of the Chevaulegers (light mounted riflemen). The lining is the standard calfskin and silk, showing light wear only. This would be fantastic with an Imperial display or also with a III Reich collection, showing the history and progression of the historic headgear worn by German (and Bavarian!) forces. Impressive and tough to find in this condition, especially with silvered hardware!
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Bavarian Officer Spiked Helmet#1722

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