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Kraemer won the Iron Cross second class on 6 October, 1939 for his actions in Poland, and on 26 May, 1940 the Iron Cross first class for his actions in France. On 11 October he was promoted to Ia of the 13. Infanterie Division, and on that very same day the 13. Infanterie Division was reorganized into the 13. Panzerdivision. As the Ia of 13. Panzerdivision he served in Russia, winning the the German Cross in Gold on 26 Febuary, 1942 and the Knights Cross on 17 December of the same year. In January 1943, Josef "Sepp" Dietrich selected Fritz Kraemer as the senior administrative officer (Ia) of the I.SS-Panzer Korp. He was to prove to be a ideal choice.
On loan from the Heer, he was given the rank of SS-Oberführer on 1 September, 1943, and admitted into the SS on 1 August, 1944 with the rank of SS-Brigadeführer. During the battles in Normandy, Kraemer at times would deputise for Dietrich, and would suceeded Hubert Meyer as commander of the 12.SS-Panzerdivision "Hitlerjugend" on 24 October, 1944. For the remainder of the war, Kraemer served as Dietrich's Ia with the 6.Panzerarmee (later renamed 6.SS-Panzerarmee). Days before the war's end, he was awarded the Oakleaves to the Knights Cross. Kraemer surrenderd to the American's, and along with Deitrich, was branded a criminal of war for the Malmedy Massacre. He was tried at Dachau in 1946 and was sentenced to a ten year imprisonment.
Following his release, he lived in Höxter, Germany until his death on 23 June, 1959. SS-Brigadeführer Fitz Kraemer was buried with full military honors. He was said to be the only officer to show remorse at the Malemdy trial, breaking into tears at numerous points during the proceedings.
I obtained the SS Records for Kraemer at The National Archives. His award of the oakleaves, and his promotion to Gruppenfuhrer, are clearly stated in the records. A very exciting ring to a very exciting individual.  Don Boyle certified.
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Totenkopf Ring, Kramer#170

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