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The 'Abzeichen für Wehrwirtschaftsführer', or Defense Economy Leader's Decoration, was instituted in 1939 for award to the members of the special Defense Economy council who were singled out for their contributions to the war related industrial management. These members were hand picked from the top management level industrialists of the German defense machine. Council members were responsible for the efficient production of materials and mobilization in support of the war effort. The large badge is the more desirable excptionally detailed version with textbook pin, hinge, catch, and finely executed rich gilt finish, with polished highlights. The lapel badge is also textbook, with a higher quality twist pin and matching high quality gilt finish. These decorations are quite scarce, and relatively few were awarded, and they are still undervalued and a bargain in the collector's market. These were awarded, for example, to the aircraft designer Kurt Tank, arms manufacturer Alfred Krupp, Ernst Heinkel, and so on. A bright, beautiful ensemble that need never be upgraded!
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Defense Economy Leader Decoration With Lapel Badge#1699

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