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Not often is history so kind to us as to deliver into our hands an artifact such as this. This is one of only a handful of rings attributed to an Oakleaves Winner known to exist.

The ring was purchased from a Canadian contact about 2 years ago, when the SS officer had not been thoroughly researched. After careful research, it was determined that this ring belonged to Diddo Diddens, a famous officer - in the Army! Although seemingly impossible, a little known fact about Diddens' early life was revealed - that he had been an NCO in the Allgemeine SS. After he received his Knights Cross, Himmler (in a dash to claim a new Knight as one of their own) had him honorarily promoted to SS Reserve Lieutenant, and bestowed upon him many SS accolades, including the Totenkopf Ring. Only recently did I discover photographs of Diddens actually wearing the ring. The attached photo is not very clear, but in the book in which it appears, it is quite obviously a TK ring. In fact, I know the location of the original photograph, and am having it scanned for me to include in my upcoming book on TK rings. The ring was apparently resized for Diddens, probably after he received grave injuries, and while he was convalescing in the hospital subsequent to his award of the Oakleaves. For a complete biography on Diddens, Google him and you can read more about this officer's career. The ring has, of course, been resized, and shows some wear (he obviously wore the ring). When the skull was re-attached, it was placed upside down (obviously, it was not re-sized at Otto Gahr, but by a jeweler that didn't know better). Of interest is that the Jewler hand-enhanced the "" and the first few letters of Diddens' last name. This was probably because during the welding process, soft silver solder leeched into the lettering. In summary, a very historical ring that belonged to a HUGE personality, guaranteed authentic. Don Boyle letter available upon request (I haven't had Don paper the ring, but I can pay for that to be done as part of the purchase price).

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Totenkopf Ring to Oakleaves Winner Diddo Diddens#1629

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