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Original Blood Orders are extremely difficult to find, and always have been. There were only approximately 4000 ever awarded, and many of these were intentionally destroyed, lost, or melted down for the silver content after the war. The first 1500 were of the first type and were awarded for participation in the 9.November 1923 abortive 'Putsch' attempt. In 1938, additional criteria were put into place (mainly at the urging of Martin Bormann, who desperately wanted to be able to wear the Blood Order) which would include the Austrian Nazi Party members, supporters who were jailed or injured due to their affiliation with the party, etc. The second pattern awards were numbered from about 1501 to 4000. This is a fine example of the rare 2nd style Blood Order award. The medal is die struck of 800 silver, and exhibits all of the features that you want to see. The obverse depicts an eagle, and the date of the 'Putsch', while the reverse features a relief portrayal of the Feldherrnhalle monument in Munich, where the original putschists were bloodily stopped, below which is the recipient's award number (3465) and the 800 silver mark. The medal has been worn, as usual, and shows patina to the silver, but only extremely minor wear. The ribbon that came with this piece is not original Blood Order type, but rather is original Order of the German Eagle ribbon, which may have been used by the original recipient during the period (the patterns are very close). I have included a replacement ribbon, which comes with the medal, which is an original blood order ribbon (the added ribbon has a Detlev Niemann COA, in fact). Blood Orders are seldom found, but are still relatively bargain priced, especially when their rarity is considered. Not a mint piece, and still a beauty!

Blood Order, 2nd Pattern#1627

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