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Ulrich of England's comprehensive book about the 'Deutschland Erwache' standards pictures the few photographs of the standards with swastika streamers attached on pages 283 and 284 as well as an actual surviving example of a 1934 dated streamer on page 285, which was attached to the DE 'Leipzig II'. This is a wonderful, mega rare, example of a 1933 dated streamer which would have been suspended from a DE standard that was dedicated at the 1933 party rally. The streamer is made of a high quality double sided silk with interior padding. The swastika is of black silk and the date 1933 is hand embroidered in white silk in a decorative style. The bottom edge of the piece is fringed with metallic bullion. The reverse inscription is also magnificently hand embroidered and indicates that the standard was dedicated in honor of the national renaissance by Markwart Gunnar. What or who Markwart Gunnar was is unknown, and I've not had time to research whether it was a company, individual(s), or a group. The upper end of the streamer features a reinforced silk tie device which would have been used to attach the streamer to the Standard. The condition shows use and light age, with some light abrasions to the surface of the silk, however, due to the exceptional quality of the materials, the streamer is solid and robust, with no signs of deterioration. A one of a kind piece that would look great on a DE Standard or displayed alone as a choice and stunning artifact from the earliest days of the III. Reich!
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Political Streamer for DE Standard#1623

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