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If you're ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire something that nobody else has at a price that is both reasonable and affordable, look no further.

This board is most likely a board assembled just after the war for returning veterans to take home as keepsakes of their time in Germany. Of course, it could also be a sample board or a teaching aid from a Luftwaffe school. Whatever the purpose, the patches are 100% original. If you were to strip this board and sell the patches separately, the total proceeds would exceed the cost of this board. In fact, sell the pilot observer and the heavily padded observer, and you will have paid for most of the board. These are not "last ditch" late war pieces - many show exquisite detail, such as the rare Pilot Observer patch. Framed, this piece will look awesome with your Luftwaffe collection. Folks: This price is ridiculously low if you add up the value of the individual patches.

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Luftwaffe Sample Board#1618

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