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The Danzig Cross was instituted by Gauleiter Albert Forster on 31. August 1939 (just before Danzig was reunited with the Reich) to recognize those individuals who performed "meritorious service in the building up of the Nazi Party in the Free City" of Danzig. Most of the awards were made on 24. October 1939, and only 253 II. Class Crosses were given. This is a perfect example of the II. Class cross, with flawless white enamel, gleaming gilt finish, and the correct maker's marking on the lower reverse arm "Hülse- Berlin". The case, which is much rarer than the cross, is a deluxe, red leatherette covered hard case with push button closure. The lid features a gilt Danzig Cross design, and the white silk inner lid is marked "Jüwelier Hülse, Berlin". The lower part is lined with burgundy velvet and partitioned to hold the ribbon and medal. This example has a pinback ribbon in superb condition. An extremely rare set, often seen in photos of SS officers (Reinhard Heydrich was awarded the cross, for example) but never found!

Danzig Cross, 2nd Class, Cased#1612

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