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The Deutsches Feld-Ehrenzeichen was produced during the Weimar times and was one of the more elaborate semi-official veteran's organizations. The award could be applied for and worn to commemorate service in the World War, in a somewhat grandiose way. It was popular from 1920 until 1935 as it denoted war service without requiring membership in other veteran organizations. Often seen worn by early SA and early SS members in period photos, it was not particularly popular with other veteran and paramilitary organization members (Stahlhelm; KyffhÀuserbund; Bavarian, Wurttemberg, Prussian, Saxon Landesverbanden for example). Its awarding and wear was ultimately banned in November 1935 along with numerous other awards by the Reich government. This is a textbook example with the less common split pin variation. The badge shows only very light wear and toning to the finish. The fine white enameling to the arms is in excellent conditon, and the gilding is still bright on the swords and frame. The center medallion depicts a fully equiped WWI 'Landser'. The reverse has the name of the award, the location of the organization (Hamburg), 'Ges. Gesch.' and the 2 rivet construction. This is a somewhat harder to find version with the split pin attachment. A scarce and desirable award from the times of the Weimar Republic and early III. Reich. Again, a lot of badge for the money!

Deutsches Feld Ehrenzeichen Badge#1596

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