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An excellent brown leather officer's belt and open faced buckle with cross strap. This is a high grade deluxe model, and has the internal slide and D ring loop built into the back of the belt, which you don't often see. The D ring on the reverse can be folded down so it couldn't be seen if the cross strap was not to be worn, and raised when the cross strap was worn. The cross strap is slightly darker in color than the rest of the belt, so I suspect the strap was not worn as often as this belt. The front D ring slide has some cracking to the finish only, and overall the belt shows use and age, but is solid and in fine condition. This configuration is very versatile, and can be used with the early Army, Luftwaffe, NSDAP, or SA uniforms. These are very difficult to find when you need one, and especially in the deluxe grade!
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Brown Belt and Buckle with Scarce Cross Strap#1587

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