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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Members of the SS FM agreed to contribute a monthly donation to the SS in order to join. If accepted, it was a prestigious thing and the membership and badge carried a decent amount of weight--I would suspect you could get a table in a crowded restaurant without having to wait very long! The SS 'Fördernde Mitglieder' badges are found with either a stickpin or pinback attachment. This is a textbook badge in pinback form. The badge is properly marked and serial numbered with a 'D' prefix. It's maker marked by Deschler, München, and the pin plate is the correct 'Ges. Gesch.' marked style. The enamel shows some scratching and the plating is worn, most likely indicating that this particular badge was worn on a regular basis by the original recipient. These badges are quite scarce, as after 1945 the prestige quickly vanished as did a large number of member's badges.
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SS FM Pin#1541

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