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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

In 1938 he was named leader of Organization Todt, a para-military building organization, which constructed the West Wall and other military fortifications. He also was a principal in the organization of the Four Year Plan for German economic self-sufficiency, Minister of Armaments and Munitions, and General Inspector of Water and Energy. On 8.February 1942 he died after leaving the Wolfschanze, Hitler's Rastenburg Headquarters, in an aircraft accident. To honor his memory, Hitler instituted the Dr. Fritz Todt Prize on 12.November 1943, as an award to industrial personnel who had made a significant contribution to the war effort. The award came in three classes, gold, silver, and steel, depending on the value of the work for the war effort. In addition to the award itself, a monetary benefit was also given to the recipients.
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Dr. Fritz Todt Prize, Gold Class#149

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