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This is an Ausweis for a guard at the Gross-Rosen death camp, one SS guard named Stefan Pataschitz. A small batch of these cards surfaced recently at a German Arms Fair. No two are alike.  Gross Rosen was a small concentration camp situated near Striegau (now Strezegom in Poland) in Silesia. Gros-Rosen is not as well known as other death camps, but it was just as infamous. Of particular interest is that from Gross-Rosen were drawn many of the prisoners chosen for medical experimentation. The card exhibits a red line through it, indicating that the card was retained at the camp, and that Mr. Pataschitz was transferred elsewhere, probably to the front. What evils this visually innocent man committed while stationed at the camp we will never know.

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Ausweis to Totenkopf Camp Guard#1456

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