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A scarce pair of leather flying gloves or gauntlets in excellent condition. This is a rabbit fur lined winter pair as used from the 1930s until the end of the war.  This is a classic pair of Luftwaffe flying gauntlets in leather. This is the standard 2 strap version, which is the type you usually see in period photographs, especially during the early war. The gloves are made of a very good quality supple leather, and are a bit storage dusty, but don't really appear to have been worn. The interiors are rabbit fur lined for warmth when flying at higher altitudes or in cold climates. Gloves of this quality are seldom seen, as most were worn out during or after the war, so this is a rare opportunity to add a necessary but hard to find flying accoutrement!

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Luftwaffe Leather Winter Flying Gloves#1438

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