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The low combat shoes were actually introduced in the late 1930s, and used throughout the war with various modifications. They are very tough to find today because most were worn after the war, since they look much like civilian dress shoes. So, most pairs were worn until they fell apart, especially in light of the fact that clothing was in extremely short supply after the war. This is a splendid pair, in black leather. The size is about an U.S. 9; not too small and not too large, and are marked with the German size '42' on the soles. The leather is in excellent condition, and is still supple and undamaged, showing light age and wear only. The soles and heels are leather, with the proper wooden peg construction. There are 4 lacing hooks and 5 holes, which is the textbook layout for period low boots. The lining is fabric with a printed pattern reading 'Deutsche Wertarbeit' (German Quality Workmanship). The heels and soles are metal shod, and complete with all of the original fittings. Boots like these were worn by the Army, Luftwaffe, SS, and this pair is perfect for a display with an early or later war combat tunic. A fantastic set!
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Low Combat Boots#1430

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