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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Price: $160.00
Shipping  $10.00 Per Order
"They've Got more important places to go than you!"  This mint condition poster measures 28 X 22 inches, and is folded (which is the way they were shipped out from the Government Printing Office). This poster, along with many others, were discovered in the estate of a post office employee who saved extra copies of the posters. 

This poster has been stored in a folded state for a long time. This is part of a stack of posters that is currently folded to about letter-sized, maybe a little bit of wear around the edges, or a little tear in a crease, but no chunks missing. The price here is for the poster in this folded state. We do have a conservator that does excellent work and can get this acid washed and preservation mounted onto a linen backing, which prevents further aging, greatly diminishes the visibility of these fold marks and makes framing easy. For a poster this size the cost for this added service would be $195.00 and the process takes 3-4 weeks. Please indicate in the comments section if you wish to have this mounting done. If there are no questions or comments in the order, then it is assumed that you wish to purchase this poster in the current folded state.
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Theyve Got More Important Places to Go#1357

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