German Militaria

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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

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His cuffs, woven with the stars and stripes, frame her hopeful face as he places a stark white nursing cap in her crown of glossy curls. "Become a Nurse," it says in bold script, "Your Country Needs You." That picture was more effective than the artist could have dreamed, for not only did it draw over 400,000 women into the war effort, it also burned an enduring image on the national psyche. This poster will be treated to neutralize the acid embedded in the paper-fiber present in paper material of this vintage. This preserves the poster permanently. Additionally, it will be professionally mounted on conservation grade canvas, which increases the value of the poster significantly and reduces wear and tear to your investment. Size is 22x28. Perfect gift for the nurse in your militaria collecting family!
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Become a Nurse#1353

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