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CGL GRADE 2.  A super quality and rare custom tailored SS black tunic for an SS Verfügungstruppe Scharführer. The tunic is rarer still because it is configured for a bandsman and still includes the very rare SS swallow's nests.  The black SS uniforms were perhaps the most elegant of the III Reich period. In fact, their design and black and silver details were designed to a large extent to attract new members, the aristocracy, and the upper classes. After the war, the black uniforms were mostly destroyed, as it was not prudent to be identified with the SS by having an SS uniform in the closet! In addition, late in the war, Himmler circulated an order requiring the turning-in of Allgemeine SS uniforms not being used. Members who turned their uniforms in would receive new ones after the war ended and cloth was no longer in short supply.

This is a very rare example of a custom tailored tunic for an SS Verfügungstruppe Scharführer bandsman. The tunic is made of a very soft and expensive wool, of much finer quality than usually found. The tunic is maker labeled 'Bulag München' which was an exclusive tailoring concern in Munich during the III. Reich period. The tunic features the rare collar insignia for the 'SS Verfügungstruppe', which were the SS special purpose troops. They were one of the few groups actually allowed to carry weapons and after the beginning of the second World War, became the Waffen SS. The SS runes are hand embroidered in brilliant silver/aluminum bullion, and both collar tabs are piped with black and silver, matching the collar and shoulderboard piping. Because of the small number of men in these units and subsequent destruction of many uniforms, these tunics are extremely difficult to find. The original owner was a bandsman, and the tunic displays the removeable shoulder 'swallow's nests' in black and silver.

The tunic is complete with all of its original buttons as well as a dagger and sword hanger under the lower pocket flap. There are loops for 2 awards and a medal bar, so the man was a decorated individual. The lining is black silk, and overall the piece is in excellent condition, with light signs of wear and use only. A stunning and impressive example of a rare and desirable tunic!

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Allgemeine SS Black Uniform Tunic#1327

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