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An out-of-the-woodwork find, this tab was brough back by a veteran who, according to the writing on the reverse of the photo, stayed in this officer's house after the war. He's noted as being an SS General, which he could certainly have been, but in the photo he's wearing the uniform of an SA Obersturmbannf├╝hrer, or Colonel. He is wearing the Gold Party Insignia, the 1931 SA Braunschweig badge, the Iron Cross 1914 1st class, and a cut out wound badge. The ribbon bar looks like it included a 1914 Iron Cross 2nd class and a Hindenburg Cross with swords, which would date the photo around 1935 or so. The tab was of yellow wool, in this case indicating the Schlesien Group of the SA, and has 4 pips and 1 Litze strip, and is edged in the early, thick silver piping. While the condition is rough, it's certainly a unique piece of history!
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Neat Vet Bring Back SA Tab and Photo#1200

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