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Konrad Henlein was the leader of the SdP (Sudeten German Party) , a pro German NSDAP group, and the strength of the party eventually led to the signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938 (The infamous 'Peace in our time' agreement). Later he was appointed the Gauleiter of Sudetenland, as well as holding the rank of SS Gruppenführer and Obergruppenführer. This is a large sized full color print of Henlein in his black SS Gruppenführer uniform, and it's an absolutely spectacular portrait. Every detail is superbly rendered, and the quality of the print is spectacular. Without a close examination, it's nearly impossible to tell that it's not the original painting. The portrait would have hung in an official office in the Sudetenland, and it dates from the late 1930s period. The portrait has been professionally framed using archival materials, and makes an extremely impressive and aesthetically pleasing display. This would be a fantastic backdrop to an SS collection! The condition is excellent and although the portrait has been folded, it's not very noticable and does not detract from the overall impact of the piece. These portraits would have gone straight into the fire after the war, which is why they are so difficult to find today. A unique III. Reich personality piece!
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Konrad Henlein Period Print#1197

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