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III Reich posters are very difficult to find, and many collectors have never seen an original example. Posters in the pre45 days were made to be pasted to a wall or kiosk and torn down afterwards, so few have survived. This is an uncommon example advertising an SA military games competiton which took place in September 1944 and lasted several days. The games were sponsored by SA Standarte 132, located in BrĂ¼nn, Austria and would have been open to anyone able to compete. The three color poster has a splendid illustration of an SA man with a grenade, a military helmeted soldier with 2 stick grenades and a smock or anorak. In the background is a Panzer! The large sized poster has been folded but is in excellent condition with no fading, and has been professionally archivally framed and matted. An added bonus is that the poster has no obvious swastikas, so it can be displayed without any stigma! An exceptionally rare and decorative artwork!

SA Wehrkampftage Poster#1196

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