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Photo albums are always great to look through--with patience and a magnifying glass you can find all manner of useful details and information. Generally, the high the rank of the man with the camera, the closer to the Führer he could get and the better the photos. This is a fantastic album for a member of SS Regiment 'Deutschland' dating from the middle 1930s, and has about 200 of the most interesting SS photos I've seen. None have been published, to my knowledge, and they feature superb details and studies of uniforms, swords and Degens, visor caps, monuments, SS officers wearing army breast eagles, DE Standarten, SS architecture, and more. There are a number of photos featuring Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Himmler, Demelhuber, and other notables. In at least one photo I believe Reinhard Heydrich is standing in the background. Note the 'time capsule' being sealed into a new building's cornerstone during the official ceremony--it contains an SS flag with spear poletop, the upper portion of an SS Officer's Degen, a scroll, and more! I wonder if it's still sealed up somewhere in Germany....! I'm offering this wonderful album for a bargain price; if you add up the market value of the individual photographs, it's worth at least twice as much (but the album should NEVER be broiken up!!). A magnificent album worthy of study and additional research. I'm sure the original owner could be determined without much trouble. Choice and fascinating!
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Deutschland Photo Album with Himmler, Hitler, Hess, Dietrich and More!#1188

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