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The 1870 Iron Cross II. Class was awarded in very small numbers, especially when compared to the 1914 and 1939 II. Class Iron Crosses. That fact, combined with the amount of time and history that has gone by since the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian war, contribute to the small numbers available to the collector. This is a very high quality example of the 1870 Iron Cross, in fine condition. The core is magnetic, has sharp details to the dates, oakleaves, acorns and crowns, and retains a good 90% of its original blackened finish. The rim is well detailed with very well defined beading, and features the thick ribbon ring as found on early examples. There are no markings on the ring, which was correct for period awards. The ribbon shows age as well and no damage, and appears to be original to the piece. The market has been swamped with reproduction 1870 Iron Crosses, however original examples are few and far between. This is an excellent example of the award and will compliment any Imperial and Iron Cross collection. A super piece.
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1870 Iron Cross II Class#1183

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