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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

The poster boasts brilliant color and balance, and is one of the rarest pieces of recruiting art available on the market. Imagine owning a piece of 90 year old history. With only 12 WWI veterans left alive in the world, this genre of collecting is sure to be a rising star, as more and more people discover just how rare these pieces of art are. Produced in limited quantities, there are probably fewer than 50 of these posters remaining in existence. Size is 18x25 inches, and the piece is in superb condition. This poster has been treated to neutralize the acid embedded in the paper-fiber present in paper material of this vintage. This preserves the poster permanently. Additionally, they have been professionally mounted on conservation grade canvas, which increases the value of the poster significantly and reduces wear and tear to your investment.
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Over The Top with US Marines#1162

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