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Period photos from 1933-35 often show the wearers of political daggers using an extra leather strap with the standard dagger hanger or with various styles of vertical hanger in order to carry the dagger more securely in a vertical position. Since the daggers were often worn during field sport exercises and cross country military manoevers, it was not practical to carry them using the somewhat delicate standard narrow leather strap and clip. Here is a hiqh quality vertical dagger harness in black leather, which would have been used either by the SS or NSKK. These are very difficult to find, and this is a splendid example in very fine, near mint condition. A bit of use wear is all that keeps the piece from being full mint. The polish is excellent and the leather is strong and still robust. A perfect accompaniment to a fine NSKK or SS dagger!

Deluxe NSKK or SS Vertical Hanger#1161

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