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The varied photographs suggests that the album is from one family and includes a varied collection of remembrance images of different family members and friends. There are 2 autographed pieces, including a magnificent portrait of SS Gruppenführer Siegfried von Gummann, who was the leader of the SS Unterführer School in Stuttgart. There is an unusual metal skull attached to the page above the portrait that is different than any I've seen, but in my opinion is 100% period. It may have been for the cover of an SS photo album, or for an award, but it's a beauty! There are a few very early SS group photographs, an SA autographed photograph of an SA Obergruppenführer (I can't make out the name and didn't have time to research it), images at the Reichsparteitag, SA school members, RAD, Army training and portraits with superb helmets, Luftwaffe, and so on. There are some fantastic images with the sharp details typical of the German cameras of the 30s and 40s. You can spend hours with a magnifying glass just looking at insignia, uniform details, and equipment! A fantastic collection belonging to one family.
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Family Photo Album, Many SS Photos Plus#1140

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