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One of the nicest sets that I've seen, this grouping is in absolutely stone mint condition. The large, formal document promoting Hans von Schweinichen to Oberst is superb and autopen signed by Hitler and Goering. The document is still housed in the formal folder, which was made from a thick, textured buff colored high quality stock with a gold embossed Führer eagle on the cover. The identification card shows von Schweinichen looking like a Prussian nobleman, with a monocle in his eye and military bearing. The dates on the card run from 1944 through 1945. von Schweinichen appears to have been based at the Luftwaffe The file form notes that von Schweinichen is retiring from active service but retains the right to wear the uniform. This was only allowed for a small number of retirees, stressing the high regard in which von Schweinichen was held. In fact, this individual has not been researched. A thorough archive search by an experienced researcher like Rob McDivott might prove interesting. The name von Schweinichen is rather famous in Germany, and there have been some rather illustrious ancestors. A super set in mint condition to a high ranking officer and with a great photo, so you can put a face to the name! Choice!
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Formal Luftwaffe Promotion Document and ID Card to Colonel#1104

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