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SA Sturmfahnen (Sturm flag, or company flag) are tough to find when compared to other III Reich unit flags. This is a very scarce Sturmfahne for SA Group Thüringen (apple green insignia) in the early configuration. This beauty retains the first type unit patch piping of red and white. Later the regulations changed so that subsequent flags would be piped in either silver or gold piping, and the bi colored piping is virtually never seen. The flag was for Sturm 3 of the 153rd Standarte, meaning the 3rd company of the 153rd Regiment in group Thüringen. The Standarte was located in Gera in the eastern part of Thüringen. Each Sturmfahne would have been 'consecrated' by touching it to the regional 'Deutschland Erwache' Standard, which itself had been 'blessed' by Hitler and the famous Blood Flag. The flag is made of high quality wool 'Flaggentuch' rather than the less expensive cotton versions. The flag cloth shows some scattered mothing, but nothing too serious and the wool fabric is still strong and not faded. The unit numbers on the patch are machine loop embroidered, and the flag is a 100% textbook piece. The flag suspension rings are still attached, which is also rare to find--GIs usually either tore or cut the flags off the poles, leaving the rings. This is s stunning example of a rarely seen SA company flag, and would make a splendid backdrop for an SA dagger display or virtually any SA collection. Except for the scattered moth nips, it's in fantastic condition. A beauty!
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Thüringen SA Standard#1086

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