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Marksmanship Awards (Schützenschnüre) were highly regarded by the men and NCOs of the Wehrmacht. Instituted in 1936, they came in 12 grades, differentiated by the color of the woven cording, Luftwaffe shield color, and number of acorns or Flak shells. They were only allowed to be awarded to enlisted and NCO ranks. This is a rather scarce example of the grade 6 Luftwaffe award. The shield is bright silver/aluminum color, and the braided cording is silver with blue/grey interwoven silk (grades 1 through 4 were blue/grey silk with aluminum threads and are the types commonly found). The single artillery shell denotes that this was worn by a Flak NCO or enlisted rank. This very impressive, mint award would look fantastic on a Flak NCO tunic, or with a nice early Flak badge. Choice!

Luftwaffe Marksmanship Lanyard for Flak with one Shell#1081

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