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The Auxiliary Cruiser badge was instituted in 1941 to recognize the heroic sailors and officers in armed merchant ships who harried, frustrated, and seized Allied shipping. Their exploits were largely overshadowed in the press (and in subsequent books) by the U Boat crews, but in actuality the Auxiliary Cruisers performed amazing and nearly impossible tasks. The badge represents a Viking ship sailing over the globe and was designed by Ernst Peekhaus. This is a stunning, early quality example, of tombak multi piece construction, and with superb detailing to the eagle, globe, ship, and oakleaf border. In fact, the Viking actually looks like a person, rather than a blob that is sometimes found. The globe has a rich, silver finish--it's one of the prettiest that I've seen. The badge has its original tapered pin and wire catch, and is overall in excellent, slightly worn condition. A lovely, choice example!
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Auxiliary Cruiser Badge#1072

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