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There were many pamphlets, posters, art exhibitions, films, and more produced during the III Reich that featured anti Jewish propaganda, however the best known newspaper in this genre was Julius Streicher's 'Der Stürmer'. The 'Stürmer's' cartoonist 'Fips's' illustrations of Jews with hook noses, thick eye glasses, and wide lips salivating over money or Aryan girls were the trademark of the paper. The Stürmer published this book, The Toadstool, which was intended to 'appealingly' spread the anti semitic word to more people, particularly children and teenagers. The book looks like a period story or school book but with a nasty theme. Der Giftpilz appears to have enjoyed a reasonable level of popularity during the period, but most copies were destroyed by their owners after the Allied occupation started--there would have been no reason to keep an incriminating book that could be discovered by the occupation armies! Consequently, with most destroyed, the book is virtually impossible to find today, and the few examples are usually locked away in a university or other library's archive. As a unique document of the darker side of the III. Reich, it's an important reminder and extremely rare souvenir of the period. This example shows minor use but is overall in excellent condition. Mega rare!

Book, The Poison Mushroom (Der Giftpilz) or The Toadstool#1053

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